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2010-06-26: Yes there is!

Posted at 2010-06-26 22:58:45 by SHD

I guess every cloud really does have a silver lining. Soon, so will the fans of King's Quest. After the hopeful news I could report this morning, Phoenix Online have revealed their new website. Not only does it look great, it also comes with great news!

2010-06-26: Is there hope yet for The Silver Lining?

Posted at 2010-06-26 12:28:07 by SHD

Nearly 4 months ago, it was announced that Activision had shut down the fan-made game based on Sierra's King's Quest series, The Silver Lining, reneging on a deal made by the developers with then-copyright-owners Vivendi Univeral. A lot of fans, including myself, were outraged at this decision. The TSL team had already named itself Phoenix Online Studios and that name may yet be appropriate. The mythical bird would die in flame, but then be reborn from its own ashes. A commenter alerted me to something stirring on the official TSL site.