Operation: BOGROLL

Bogroll (n.) a roll of toilet paper (British Slang)

Operation: BOGROLL title screen
Screenshot of the player going to investigate Lucky Luciano's Real Italian Pasta

My entry for AdvJam2020 is a dual-interface adventure game that supports both point-n-click or text parser play styles. Once again, you play as Agent N of the HCA (Highly Clandestine Agency) and have been assigned the crucial task of ensuring a steady supply of toilet paper despite all the hoarding during the global norovirus pandemic of 2020 (NOVID-20). Something smells bad about this whole situation!


If you need a little help progressing, please check out the hint page.

Voice credits

I consider myself extremely lucky to have had access to the voice talents of:

  • Jason "Gemini" Cryer as the protagonist, Agent N.
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  • Michael "Durinde" Forward as gruff security guard that you don't want to mess with, Eddie.
  • Erika Sanderson did triple duty as Stacy the receptionist, Queen Elizabeth and President Harris.
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  • Natalie Winter answers the phone in the most annoying way I dared to ask of her.
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  • Paul Thomas must be on his way to retirement if he rakes in the money as well as his character Doug the toilet paper salesman does in this game.
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  • Dirk M. Weger as the German chancellor in dire need of some "Klopapier"

Special thanks

A special thank you goes out to Al Lowe for being a good sport and providing material to an easter egg in the game. Visit allowe.com or follow @AlLowe on Twitter.

Teaser video

Just prior to release, I put out this little teaser: