Hints for Operation: BOGROLL

The following are hints for when you are stuck on my game Operation: BOGROLL. I've tried to make the game as fair as possible so I hope you don't get stuck. But if you can't figure out how to progress, get a hint below. The hints are hidden until you click the "Gimme a hint" button to ensure it doesn't spoil the game by showing you only the hints you want to see.

List of locations

T.P. Entrance

Is there anything I can do with my car?
Sure. You could take what's inside it, you could lock the car door, or you could just drive away with it, once you have a destination.
Where do I go from here?
There are two obvious places. Either enter the building through the sliding doors on the right, or follow the sign pointing around the corner to the truck loading area.

T.P. Reception

Why does the receptionist look familiar?
That's Stacy, the receptionist for Spectrum in the first chapter. She's rather upset about you having lost her her job. Fortunately, she has a new job at T.P. Incorporated.
How can I get through the doors into the office building?
You can't. There's no need to even try. Only the receptionist could open the door for you, but she won't.
The receptionist won't let me touch her computer!
She's a smart woman! She can't notice you if she's not in the room, though.
The receptionist won't let me rifle through the pockets of the coat on the coat rack!
She's a smart woman! She can't notice you if she's not in the room, though.
So how do I get the receptionist to leave the room?
One of her duties, though she despises it, is to get visitors a cup of coffee when they ask for it.
She took my dongle!
Told ya she's a smart woman! You didn't really need to bug her computer anyway, and I'm sure the HCA will be happy to issue another key logger if Agent N ever goes on another idiotic mission.
What's this about her boyfriend?
A little reference to something you could try in the first chapter. The option is available only if you've done something else that was necessary in that game.

Truck loading area

How do I get past those trucks?
There's no squeezing around them, but you might be able to get one of them to leave.
How can I make the truck leave?
These trucks deliver toilet paper. You could try to order some and hope they ship quickly.
How do I order toilet paper?
The receptionist might be able to help you, or at least direct you in the right way. Alternatively, there are some folders on her counter in the reception area.
Wow. I think I got ripped off.
Why does that address sound familiar?
There are several random addresses the game selects from. They are all from TV shows. One is from Murder She Wrote, one is from ALF, one is from Family Guy, one is from American Dad and one is from Happy Days.

T.P. Warehouse

That is an awful lot of toilet paper. Is there really a shortage?
Yes, it is. No, there isn't.
Give me some of that beautiful white gold!
Just take some. It's the good stuff!
Can I do anything else here?
Not really. You may want to visit the cafeteria and break room off to the right, though.

T.P. Cafeteria and break room

Where are all the people?
Hard at work, making sure everybody can buy their precious toilet paper (at greatly overinflated prices).
Can I get a snack from the vending machine?
Too much snack food is bad for you. Besides, it's not free. The coffee from the machine next to it is, though.
Can I take the workers' lunches?
No! Don't be an inconsiderate prick.
What is that painting?
It looks like the same painting you saw in chapter 1. Don't get too excited, as it's just a cheap reproduction.
What is that phone number on the notice board?
Use your (in-game) phone to call it and find out.
That was funny!
Glad you liked it. Say thank you to Al Lowe for providing these jokes.
There's a snake under the counter!
You need to have your eyes examined. That's just a network cable.
So what else can I do here?
You can learn more about this company by hacking onto their intranet.
How do I do that?
Did you notice the coffee machine is a "smart" coffee machine and has a network connection?
So how do I hack the company?
Disconnect the coffee machine's network cable and connect your HCA laptop to the port.
I don't have a laptop?
Then you forgot to retrieve your spy kit from the car.

Lucky Luciano's Real Italian Pasta

Who's this guy?
Eddie the security guard. He'd sooner break your legs than let you pass, unless he absolutely has to.
How do I get past him?
Did you try climbing the fence? Did you try opening the gate? Did you offer him a bribe? Did you try just talking to him?
He took my stuff!
Well, he's loyal to his employer. That you choose to give him something is not his problem. Don't worry, though. You can simply replace any items he took from you, at least the ones you need to finish the game.
I bluffed that I'm a health and safety inspector, but he's demanding to see proof!
He's smarter than he looks. You should show him some ID, preferably that of a health and safety inspector. Did you have a look at the coat rack at the T.P. Inc reception area?
I did that, but Eddie's still refusing the ID.
Well, it doesn't match the name you gave him, does it? Not to mention your picture isn't on it. Fortunately, you have an Identikit™ that might be useful in fixing that.
What's the graffiti about?
It's just there to make the scene look a bit more atmospheric.
What's with the dumpster?
It's something people generally use for garbage disposal. Take a look inside.
Ok, I found something in the trash. What do I do with it?
You're getting ahead of me here. Go inside the factory and the use for this item might become apparent. If not, you'll get a hint there.

Factory floor

That's not what a real pasta factory looks like!
There isn't a real norovirus pandemic going on either.
Can I take some of that pasta?
No need for that, though you might scan it with the chemical analyser.
What is that red trolley?
It's a tool cart. You might find something useful in it.
How is that useful?
You'll see once you try getting into the kitchen.
Is that a biohazard warning?
It is. I wonder why.
How do I get into the "kitchen"?
Did you check the door? There's a fingerprint scanner on it.
Yeah, I know that, but my thumbprint doesn't open it.
You'll need somebody else's fingerprints. Can you think of something somebody else who does have access might have handled?
What do I get the fingerprints from?
Try the beaker.
The fingerprint scanner can't read the prints off that.
Indeed. You'll have to transfer them onto something else. Did you take a pair of gloves from the tool cart?
Explain it to me, step by step!
Scan the beaker from the dumpster with your Identikit™ to read the fingerprints, then transfer them from the Identikit™ to the gloves from the tool cart. Then, you can use the gloves to open the door.
So, I've been in the kitchen, but I'm at a loss now. What do I do?
If you've been in the secret lab, you've probably found the remedy for the NOVID-20 pandemic. Although the HCA will have all it needs to start manufacturing and distributing both the medicine and the vaccine, perhaps you can do something much earlier than that?
I said "what do I do?" not "ask me another question"!
Fine, fine, just throw the contents of the erlenmeyer into the big pasta sauce mixer vat. You did remember to test it with the chemical analyser first, didn't you?

The pasta kitchen

That does not look like a kitchen!
I know, right?
What can I do with this stuff?
Not much, though you can take one of the test tubes and the bottle with the green stuff (it's called an erlenmeyer flask).
Now what do I do, is there any other place to go to?
You should learn as much as you can from the computers in the secret lab, use your chemical analyser to analyse anything you took from there, and then just leave.
Yes, just go back out to the factory floor. If you're unsure on what to do after that, check the hints there.