About me

My name is Steven Henk Don and I'm a 45 year old Dutch guy living in a town called Etten-Leur which is in the south of the Netherlands, near the Belgian border.

I've been doing computer programming since I taught myself BASIC way back when I got my first computer. I study BIK (Bestuurlijk InformatieKunde, a combination of Economics and Computer Science) at Tilburg University. I am currently employed as internet developer at ProMedia, doing mostly PHP programming.

Contact information

My e-mail address is shd@earthling.net. If you have any comments/suggestions regarding this site or any of my games or source code, feel free to tell me about it through e-mail. As I am a very busy person, it may take a few days before I respond, although I do my best to respond to all e-mails.

For those who are writing to place a guest post or want me to link to them: don't bother. If will not respond, at least not kindly.


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