Telescopium Incident

Telescopium Incident title screen
Screenshot of droid CD-24 in the midship

Aboard the interstellar vessel ESS Redemption, CD-24 a small autonomous robot of the Cognisant Droid series (often referred to as Coffee Droid by the human crew for what they deem to be its primary purpose) activates from its three-hour charging cycle. Emerging from the charging bay, it finds the crew dead and the ship damaged. The Redemption's main computer has set main propulsion operating at full capacity to prevent the ship from falling into the gravity well of a nearby black hole. Though not quite at the event horizon yet, the Redemption is slowly being drawn in, unless CD-24 can find a way to escape certain doom.

The game has three endings: a good one, a bad one, and a terrible one. Can you find them all?

The Telescopium Incident is a simple point and click adventure game about a cute little droid that has to escape the gravitational pull of a black hole, but it may have to make some serious sacrifices to do so. It was designed, written and created by Steven Don.

The game finished at a #3 place in the overall $105 Adventure Challenge rankings.


If you need a little help progressing, please check out the hint page.

Teaser video

Here's a short video playing the introduction sequence: