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Crillion was a fiendishly difficult arcade / puzzle game originally written for the Commodore 64 by Oliver Kirwa and published in a 1988 issue of German computer magazine "Happy Computer". When I bought an old Commodore 64, it came with a 5.25" floppy disk that had a copy of Crillion on it. Countless remakes have been made for many different platforms. This one is mine.

How to play

Use the left and right cursor keys to move the bouncing ball across the level. You cannot influence the vertical motion, only the horizontal motion (and only in steps of half a block's width).

Clear the level of plain coloured blocks by hitting them with the ball when it has the same colour as a block. Change the colour of the ball by bouncing it into a block with a spark on it. Blocks with a floppy disk icon on it move by one space when the ball hits it while having the appropriate colour. Hitting a skull block means instant death.

The bonus counter decreases along with the distance travelled around the level. If you get stuck, press X to lose a life and restart the level.


Cheating is built right into the game. From the main menu:

Also, during play, you can press + to skip a level (or - to go back to the previous level).


The original Crillion as well as the classic level set was created by Oliver Kirwa. The Crillion '93 level set was created by Michael Dornemann. Music was provided by Eric Matyas of The game makes use of the Duktape Javascript Interpreter and the FMOD Sound Library.