[3Dfx Glide] [VESA]

This page contains source code demonstrating how to access various graphics APIs.

3Dfx Glide programming

Screen shot

This source code demonstrates how to program the 3Dfx card. This code is for Microsoft Visual C++ for Windows only.You will also need the 3Dfx SDK, which you can download at http://www.3dfx.com.
Note: There are 2 commonly used versions of Glide, namely 2.x and 3.x. There are some subtle differences in programming for each, so take care when downloading!

To download the MSVC code for Glide 2.x (214k), click here.
To download the MSVC code for Glide 3.x (214k), click here.

VESA routines

Sample source code on using VESA SuperVGA modes. This demo sets the display to 640x480, 256 colours and plots some pixels. The DJGPP version utilizes the linear frame buffer provided by VBE 2.0. A function "VESAFindMode" has been added to search for a specific mode.

To download the Pascal source code (2k), click here.
To download the DJGPP/C(++) source code (3k), click here.