I am such a geek

It's rare for me to wake up and remember a dream. It's even rarer for me to remember word for word every conversation from that dream. Not to mention those conversations (and almost everything else in the dream) making sense. No purple elephants or monsters from outer space, just somebody with the social skills of a thermonuclear device.

I moved out my parents' place nearly 10 years ago, but this dream took place there. My dad was complaining about our guest being eccentric, my mum was making him lay the table. So far, so good... perfectly ordinary and embarrassing. That is... until I discovered that our guest was none other than Microsoft developer and blogger Raymond Chen. Having read Mr. Chen's always interesting blog religiously for years, this was like a dream come... er... dream. Over dinner there was lots of talk about his blog and Windows/applications compatibility concerns (something Mr. Chen frequently writes about). There were even bad programmer jokes about how women would be "so much easier to understand if they had remote debugging facilities"

Unfortunately, my demented brain elected to wake up at an ungodly hour, 4:53 am, before I could ask Mr. Chen to sign my copy of his book. Even if I had, I doubt I would have been to fall asleep again.

You know you're a geek when you get more excited about a dream about meeting a famous tech blogger than a romantic encounter with whatever hot celebrity sex symbol that may take your fancy.

If you like reading tech blogs, you could do a lot worse than checking out Raymond Chen's "The Old New Thing" or his book of the same name.



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