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2014-02-20: NVIDIA GeForce 750 Ti: Great graphics, bad graphs?

Posted at 2014-02-20 15:47:47 by SHD

NVIDIA have just released their new GeForce GTX 750 Ti card, based on the Maxwell chipset. It seems like a great card at a pleasant price point and I downloaded NVIDIA's whitepaper. One thing that caught my eye is a graph comparing the GTX 750 Ti's performance to the GTX 480, the flagship card four years ago. It is terribly misleading. This is what it looks like:

2014-01-08: Plenty of spam to go around

Posted at 2014-01-08 13:40:49 by SHD

Spam accounts for the vast majority of e-mail traffic. Figures I've read range from 60% to 97% and something in between does not seem unreasonable. Unfortunately, there is no real penalty for spamming and many unwitting people's malware-infested PC's do it, so with the low risk of the real culprits getting caught, it is worth the tiny risk for them to try to scam you out of some cash. The typical spam message most people receive is stuff about drugs (especially Cialis, Viagra or Canadian pharmacies), Nigerian 419 scams, penile enlargement, fake degrees, stock hot market "tips" and stuff like that. When you have a website or at least own a domain name, you will likely receive some other insideous stuff too. Here's some examples.

2012-12-08: Facebook privacy, what really changes?

Posted at 2012-12-08 20:35:58 by SHD

On Monday, Facebook intends to revise its SRR and Data Use Policy. They are inviting users to vote on them. That is a sham, really, as for the vote to be binding, 30% of users would have to vote, which is obviously not going to happen. The comments on that page includes tens of thousands of people posting the same bogus message. Those people are such clueless and gullible morons that they deserve all the spam in the world. For the people who are really interested in what's going on, even if the vote is a sham, they should read on.

2012-09-16: openSUSE/Gnome on the desktop - not quite there yet

Posted at 2012-09-16 06:55:15 by SHD

With some free time and a spare laptop on my hands, I figured I'd try out running a Linux desktop installation once more. Although I've used Linux on servers for more than a decade, all of my regular desktop machines have been Windows and Mac OS. Now, most people running Linux on the desktop seem to be using Ubuntu. I fully intend to give that a try later on, but for now I went with the distro I've been most familiar with for the past 12 years, which is openSUSE. Although I've been able to set things up to the point where it's viable as a proper workstation for me, I'm sorry to say the experience fluctuated between pleasant and dreadful. Here's some of the stuff I encountered and what I did to get things to a usable state.

2012-04-05: Google AdSense, Don't Be Evil!

Posted at 2012-04-05 23:07:21 by SHD

Today, another story was posted about how a startup, which depended on Google AdSense for a large portion of its income, suddenly found their account blocked and funds in the account frozen. This isn't the first such story. Google, as PayPal tends to do can block accounts and freeze funds pretty much without warning or chance for appeal. That's a scary thing as it allows these large companies to cause huge financial troubles for smaller companies or even individuals.