Showing Off My Pixel Art

I'm hoping to practice and improve my pixel art skills. To that end, I'm aiming to do at least one of the Pixel Dailies a week (assuming there is a theme that inspires me) and archiving them on my site. I'm not a graphic artist by any stretch of the imagination, and quality may vary wildly. Consider these experiments and exercises.

Using Corel PaintShop Pro 2018 to work on a pixel art ghost trap for the "containment" theme

Pixel art, as I see it, is digital art where the pixel structure is readily visible and where each pixel has been deliberately placed and coloured to contribute to the image in the most effective way. It often has a limited palette to achieve a clean look and a low resolution to make the pixels easily disinguishable. Although there are tools specifically designed for pixel art, such as Aseprite and Pro Motion NG, my bitmap editor of choice is PaintShop Pro, mostly out of force of habit. And, to be honest, I find older versions of that software far more suitable than the current ones.

An archive of my attempts so far is now available on this site. If you'd like to see new ones whenever I post them, you can follow me on Mastodon (, Twitter (@shdon) or Instagram (stevendon249).




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