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2013-11-27: The Vim commands cheat sheet

Posted at 2013-11-27 02:14:26 by SHD

There used to be a great little Vim cheatsheet on, but that domain no longer exists and is now cybersquatted. While the Internet Archive has a cache, I figured I'd post a copy here for easy reference for myself and maybe it is useful to others too.

2013-11-13: Making use of Magento's cache

Posted at 2013-11-13 01:07:28 by SHD

Popular open source e-commerce solution Magento can be quite slow, but there are ways of improving its performance. Caching is one very effective way and Magento supports various caching backends out of the box, including Memcached. If you write your own Magento extensions, be they plugins or templates, you might benefit from using the cache for things that might otherwise tie up a lot of resources to recompute. This is quite easy to do, but information on caching is surprisingly rare. So how do you do it?