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2013-04-29: Book review: Magento Performance Optimization How-to

Posted at 2013-04-29 16:28:06 by SHD

Open source e-commerce platform Magento is widely used and flexible, but at the default settings, it can be dog slow. Packt Publishing recently released "Magento Performance Optimization How-to" by Nayrolles Mathieu in print and ebook format. It aims to be a short, fast and focussed guide to improving the perfomance of Magento stores using practical, hands-on recipes. So is it any good?

2013-04-14: Magento & Memcached - Fix "Unknown number format type 'boolean'."

Posted at 2013-04-14 16:26:59 by SHD

Recently, I posted a guide to speed up Magento using Memcached. If you've followed another guide that has incomplete information, Magento may fail to work, greeting you with a rather unhelpful error message "Unknown number format type 'boolean'. Format '' must be a valid number format string.". The fix for this is simple.

2013-04-12: Speed up Magento with Memcached

Posted at 2013-04-12 16:49:25 by SHD

Magento is a highly flexible, open source e-commerce solution. Unfortunately, it can also be dog-slow, especially on servers with modest hardware specifications. Throwing extra hardware at the problem is not a great solution. There is a lot of tweaking that can be done, though. Very significant speedups may be realised through the use of Memcached. Magento supports this out of the box, but it is not enabled by default. Here's how to set that up.