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2012-09-16: openSUSE/Gnome on the desktop - not quite there yet

Posted at 2012-09-16 06:55:15 by SHD

With some free time and a spare laptop on my hands, I figured I'd try out running a Linux desktop installation once more. Although I've used Linux on servers for more than a decade, all of my regular desktop machines have been Windows and Mac OS. Now, most people running Linux on the desktop seem to be using Ubuntu. I fully intend to give that a try later on, but for now I went with the distro I've been most familiar with for the past 12 years, which is openSUSE. Although I've been able to set things up to the point where it's viable as a proper workstation for me, I'm sorry to say the experience fluctuated between pleasant and dreadful. Here's some of the stuff I encountered and what I did to get things to a usable state.

2012-09-12: Saving the day, the McPixel way - I laughed

Posted at 2012-09-12 02:52:20 by SHD

When indie developer Sos found his game being pirated on the infamous Pirate Bay he did something very unusual. Rather than complain, he actually posted in the torrent comments and gave out a couple of free registration codes for the game. Some may call it a clever marketing ploy, but from everything Sos wrote in the Reddit AMA shortly afterwards, it seems like he just really enjoys seeing others enjoy his game. I'm not going to write a post in praise of Sos' reponse (awesome though it was), but just a little bit about the game itself. How does one save the day, the McPixel way?