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2011-06-24: Magento: Show address fields in account creation form

Posted at 2011-06-24 15:41:23 by SHD

The Magento eCommerce platform hides the "address fields", including the customer's company name, by default. To enable them, most sources on the internet suggest overriding the register.phtml file and either commenting out the check to getShowAddressFields or to specifically call $this->setShowAddressFields (true);. That'll work, but it's not the proper way to do it. Read on the learn the proper way.

2011-06-18: Google Image Search rolls out search by picture. Plagiarists, beware!

Posted at 2011-06-18 18:33:11 by SHD

This past week, Google has rolled out a new feature for Google Image Search. Now, you can search the web for images similar to one that you upload yourself (or by simply entering the URL for an image that is already online). I love that feature, but it occurred to me there could be some interesting side effects. It will now be much easier for photographers and other artists to see who is using their images without being properly licensed.

2011-06-02: Microsoft demo of Windows 8, UI opinions

Posted at 2011-06-02 16:30:06 by SHD

After being very tight-lipped about their plans for the next version of Windows, Microsoft have now officially given the first demos of the the next generation of Windows, called "Windows 8" for now. It is a mix of the live tiles from Windows Phone 7's "Metro UI" and the traditional Windows 7 UI. Everybody and their uncle will have an opinion on this. Here's mine. What I've seen leaves me with mixed feelings. As a casual tablet user, I'm loving it. As a deskop PC worker and power user, it fills me with dread.