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2011-01-31: Preserving the MSN Protocol Wiki

Posted at 2011-01-31 13:13:04 by SHD

The MSN Protocol Wiki (MSNPiki), initiated by Matthias Braekevelt was the most extensive source of information on the MSN Protocol found on the web. There had not been any recent updates and the domain was allowed to expire. I think the information in the Wiki, though of interest to only a limited number of people, is too valuable to just disappear. Therefore I am pleased to announce that, with Matthias' permission, I have assumed ownership of the domain and preserved the Wiki at its old URL so the resource remains available, intact.

2011-01-13: Perverse laptops and an unexpected guest

Posted at 2011-01-13 10:52:08 by SHD

The title of this post is probably more interesting than its contents, but there ya go. When I went to sleep last night, there was a unexpected guest in my bedroom. I certainly didn't expect to see this in the middle of a winter night: