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2010-05-18: Beyond or beside Google: Week 5 - Cuil

Posted at 2010-05-18 21:23:49 by SHD

During the fifth week of my search experiment, I have used Cuil as my primary search engine. Cuil is apparently pronounced "cool", although, like with Teoma (pronounced "chawmuh") I really can't bring myself to say it that way – to me it looks French and I keep thinking "queel" in my head. Anyway, the odd name aside, Cuil was launched with great fanfare as a "Google killer". That is quite the bold ambition and if you want to beat Google at their own game, you had better bring some seriously innovative ideas to the table. Even more important than great ideas is a great, near flawless implementation of those ideas. This is where Cuil not just falls short, but fails miserably.

2010-05-11: Beyond or beside Google: Week 4 - Yahoo!

Posted at 2010-05-11 01:30:43 by SHD

In my search engine experiment, the last week of April was for Yahoo!. From the list, that is the oldest search engine I have ever used. It started out not so much as a search engine, but differentiated itself by being a directory, where links were organised into categories. Of course, the web has grown explosively and it is no longer feasible to keep everything organised this way, but Yahoo! has maintained its portal function and remains one fo the most visited sites on the web.

2010-05-02: Beyond or beside Google: Week 3 - Duck Duck Go

Posted at 2010-05-02 06:00:09 by SHD

Another week, another search engine. In the fourth week of April, I have tried out Duck Duck Go as primary search engine. In the line-up of search engines that I'm trying out, Duck Duck Go and Cuil are the newest and also the most different from the mainstream search engines. Although I admit to dreading Cuil week, in Duck Duck Go's case these seem to be positive differences. DDG takes some getting used to and it lacks some of the extra features offered by the major players, but once you do get used to it, it works well and is actually fun to use. So much fun, in fact, that I ended up making lots of notes and this may be one of the longest posts I'll ever write.