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2009-06-28: Pigeon

Posted at 2009-06-28 21:04:14 by SHD

Yesterday, as I was leaving for my parents' to celebrate my mum's birthday, I noticed a pigeon in my back yard. That in itself is not a particularly unusual thing. On Sunday however, it was still there now literally tapping on my window.

2009-06-27: DOSBox GUI update

Posted at 2009-06-27 05:11:06 by SHD

An update for the DOSBox configuration GUI. This time, it's starting to look a little more like the Windows 95 interface rather than Windows 3.1. This looks a little less retro, but leaves more space for the window contents. Check out the screenshot below.

2009-06-20: Memory leak in SDL

Posted at 2009-06-20 21:40:47 by SHD

DOSBox makes use of the SDL library with a few slight modifications for performance on Windows. This exposes a memory leak in SDL 1.2.x. I have filed a bug report and fix with the SDL people, but since this code path is not used under normal circumstances, only in DOSBox, they are not likely to incorporate it any time soon.

2009-06-20: Interphase is badly cracked

Posted at 2009-06-20 19:51:17 by SHD

Because of my earlier patch for Omnicron Conspiracy that froze at the title screen, being unable to read keystrokes when run in DOSBox, it wasn't surprising to see a similar problem arrive in my mailbox. This time, the game was "Interphase" and it also got stuck in a loop at the intro screen and rolling demo, not acknowledging any input from keyboard or mouse.

2009-06-16: DOSBox GUI update

Posted at 2009-06-16 04:49:46 by SHD

Yet another update for the DOSBox GUI. Lots of small changes, no real biggies.