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2021-04-27: SQ2WTF - Space Quest 2 with a twist

Posted at 2021-04-27 18:55:35 by SHD

Sierra AGI games had a limited vocabulary for their command parser, but they allowed some synonyms from their word list, including some common misspellings. They also tended to just carry the list of synonyms from one game to another, so there are references in there to other games. I decided to abuse that system to get through the game with some of the weirdest commands I could find.

2020-10-03: It's Flot

Posted at 2020-10-03 12:52:15 by SHD

This year, I participated in the $104 Adventure Game Challenge to create a graphical adventure game from scratch in 14 days. The theme of the jam was "A Delusion", meaning that the protagonist must be operating on a false belief, although the player must know that that belief is false. In my case, I opted to go for the story of a flat-earther teen who decides to build a rocket in his backyard to prove that the earth is flat. This is based loosely on the real life story of "Mad Mike" Hughes who perished in February this year.

2010-03-06: Internet Explorer 6 is dead, Microsoft send flowers

Posted at 2010-03-06 13:43:14 by SHD

It's been long overdue. Not just ageing, but positively decrepit, the much-reviled Internet Explorer 6 died a few days ago. A funeral was held, hosted by the Aten Design Group. The Microsoft Blog picked up on this and urged people to send flowers.

2009-12-15: EA are even more humourless than I thought

Posted at 2009-12-15 11:07:08 by SHD

Electronic Arts are one of the oldest companies in the games business. Over the years they've grown into a corporate behemoth that, as a publisher, eats smaller companies for breakfast. Unfortunately, this does not appear to do the companies acquired any good. Once they've fallen prey to the monster's appetite, all creativity appears to be stamped out and they are relegated to churning out sequels for EA sports franchises with slightly updated graphics and player names for each subsequent year. If you thought that was bad, get a load of this.