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My tribute to the older text parser adventure games as made in the 1980s by Sierra. Not written in actual Sierra AGI, but with the same kind of blocky low-res style of artwork in all the 16 glorious EGA colours.

You play as Agent N of the HCA (Highly Clandestine Agency) and are on a mission to infiltrate Spectrum Enterprises' corporate HQ to find out what nefarious scheme they are about to unleash on an unsuspecting world. Or have they perhaps already done so? Walk around the locations of the game world using the cursor keys and type commands like "look painting" to make the character perform the actions you want him to.

The game finished #11 in the overall AdvJam2018 rankings.


If you need a little help progressing, please check out the hint page.

Trailer video

In case you want to see what this game is like without actually playing it, here's a trailer video: