PC Paint 3.1

In the late 1980's and early 1990's, I enjoyed using GRASP (GRaphics Animation System for Professionals) to make animatons and simple games. GRASP had a relatively easy to use scripting language and had support for many different video modes. It came bundled with Pictor (an updated version of PC Paint). Both GRASP and PC Paint were created by Doug Wolfgram and co-developed by him and John Bridges. Pictor/PC Paint has been my bitmap editor of choice for many years and the bitmap editors I have written for my personal use were heavily influenced by it (to the point where even the Windows versions use the same keyboard shortcuts as PC Paint and have the tool icons listed in the same order).

PC Paint editing a supplied sample file in CGA mode PC Paint editing the intro screen for Cosmo Dragon in VGA mode

In May of 2007, I created a small patch for version 3.1 of PC Paint to enable it to run properly in DOSBox. Bill Buckels, a Canadian software developer sent me an e-mail and contacted John Bridges asking him for permission to distribute the program for free. As John graciously agreed, I am delighted to be able to offer you the original version of PC Paint 3.1 for download, including the second disk with clip art and sample images. Since not everybody may be able to set up the program from those disks, I've also added a ZIP file with the installed (and patched) version. The program runs well under DOSBox, but that is by no means required as it also runs beautifully under Windows XP, as long as you select a graphics mode that is supported by your video card.

Although the original GRASP and PC Paint are no longer developed or supported, over the past few years John Bridges has been slaving away at creating a successor to GRASP called AfterGRASP, which is presently free for non-commercial use.