Hints for Escape from DIMANSION

The following are hints for when you are stuck on my game Escape from DIMANSION. I've tried to make the game as fair as possible and to allow you to make progress on another puzzle even if you are stuck on one. But if you can't figure out how to progress, get a hint below. The hints are hidden until you click the "Gimme a hint" button to ensure it doesn't spoil the game by showing you only the hints you want to see.

General tips

Pick up everything. If something seems too big or heavy to carry around, try anyway. The Dimansion does not play by the rules according to the laws of physics that we know and you just might be able to fit certain things in your pockets that you normally wouldn't.

The "Look at" verb is quite useful. As a shortcut, use the right mouse button to click on an item on the screen to look at it, be it in the play area or in the inventory. You will want to pay careful attention to the descriptions of these items as they can provide useful clues to solving puzzles. This is especially important for some of the blocks you will find during this game.

There is no save game system in the current version of the game. It should not be possible to bring the game into an unwinnable state and thus you can't mess up. Although a save system will be added, there should be no need to restore to an earlier state because of having missed something.

List of locations

Non location specific hints

How did I get here?
Your character is a successful criminal defense lawyer. He's not really a nice man, but cares only about winning his cases, whatever the cost, justice be damned! As he won a case where he successfully defended a particularly nasty client (a child rapist and murderer), getting him off on a technicality, he saw cause for celebration in a night club with booze and strippers. His wife Linda certainly would not approve of that. It's better that she doesn't know. Or does she? Nobody knows precisely what happened after leaving that night club, but this is where you find the lawyer. It's up to you to get him out.
What is this place?
That, you will figure out soon enough.
What are those voices? They're not very friendly!
One is the voice of Linda, your wife. Doesn't she sound positively delightful? The male voice is a complete stranger to you, though. Who could it be?
What is that low buzzing noise I hear every few seconds?
There is no low buzzing noise. I think you're hearing things...
Did you see that? DID YOU SEE THAT!!!?
No. It is just a figment of your imagination.
A speck of glitter? Seriously? Most useless inventory item EVAR! Couldn't you have started me off with something more useful?
Don't be so ungrateful. It will prove to be quite useful if you really want to escape the Dimansion.

Main room

What is that book and why does it keep falling?
It is how the owner of the Dimansion chooses to communicate with his most recent unwilling guest. He won't be ignored.
What is that model house?
It's the Dimansion itself. You're actually inside it. Yeah, I know it's weird. This place has no regard for the laws of physics.
Why can't I open those doors?
There's nothing on the other side of them. Maybe you can put something there?
So... how do I open those doors then?
You will have found a block lying in this room and found a half block under the book. Try attaching those to the model.
Can I do anything with the blocks?
There's various things you can do with them:
  • Attach a block to either side of the Dimansion
  • Detach the block again by picking it up
  • Use inventory items on certain blocks when they are attached or when they are in your inventory
  • Manipulate certain blocks when they are attached or when they are in your inventory
And you will indeed have to do all of those things if you want to escape the Dimansion.
Is it just me or was there a different painting a while ago?

Half room (broken block)

Where is the other half of this room?
Where is the other half of the block?
How can I get the floating magnet?
You need something to extend your reach. Preferably something made of metal.
What do I use to get the floating magnet?
Try the pincers that were leaning against the table in the main room.
Does pushing that brick open up a secret passage?
No, though you could pick it up and gain access to the Big Toy Room.
That buzz... it's different now. And my wife sounds a lot less... well... evil?
I praise your powers of observation.

Art storage room (up-or-down block)

Wasn't that painting on the wall of the main room? It's the wrong size!
They all might be. The Dimansion scoffs at your petty concept of spatial dimensions.
What about the Mondriaan painting?
It's a not-so-subtle reference to my previous adventure game, Mission: SPECTRUM.
What can I do with the easel?
You could move it (push or pull it). Or you could put something on it. A painting? A blank canvas? Something else entirely?
Ok, so what should I do with it?
Try moving it a little towards the middle of the room and putting a large mirror on it.
Then what?
Light reflects off a mirror. If you could open the hatch, you might be able to shine some light through it.
How do I reach that hatch or the block on the ceiling?
Perhaps you can find a way to walk on the ceiling? You might not be able to reverse gravity, but there is another door that seems to lead to the ceiling. You could try to manipulate the room itself in some way.
That's too vague. So tell me how to reach it!
Anything you do to a block affects the room that is inside it. If you want to turn the room over, just turn the block over.
Okay, the hatch is open, I've put everything into place, what do I do now?
Notice that the item description mentioned that there was a tiny window in the block. You could try shining a light through that window, if you have one. I'd recommend doing that from the outside, though.

Big toy room (block of growth)

Are those LEGO bricks?
A tad larger than normal and without the LEGO trademark on it, but yes.
Can I play with them?
You're a criminal defense lawyer, playing with toys is beneath you. They are only there to serve as a hint. Two hints for the price of one, actually. Aren't you lucky?
Why is there a chute in the ceiling?
Did you notice there was a slot in the block? You might want to put something in that.
Ok, so what can I put through it?
I told you that speck of glitter would come in useful. Try that.
Hey, that's neat! Do it again!
Yes, you should.
What else can I put in there?
Noticed the LEGO bricks? Perhaps you have something else that is LEGO related.

Hearth room (flame block)

That's a nice fireplace. Shame there's no fire.
That's not a question. If you want a fire that badly, you'll have to start one yourself.
What's that parasol stand for?
It's not a parasol stand, but it can hold something else to help you start a fire.
Who puts a LEGO minifig in a niche?
A sick and twisted mind. But you know the rules of adventure gaming: if it's not bolted down, take it! It might come in handy.
What's in the fireplace?
Just some dry logs for making a fire. Oh, and some ash and soot. Take them! They will serve you later.
So how do I start a fire?
Lacking a lighter or matches, you're going to need another source of heat. Have you ever tried using a lens to focus sunlight into igniting something combustible?
Just tell me already!
Place the magnifying glass in the stand. Not the one from the minifig, obviously, as it's too small. Perhaps you can enlarge it in some way.
I did that, but there's still no fire.
Lacking direct sunlight, you need to find another way to shine a lot of light through the lens. There is a flashlight to be found, but it doesn't nearly give out enough light. You'll need to amplify it somehow.
How do I do that?
Think outside the box. Or inside another box. Or outside that other box. Don't be confused! The magnifier is directly in front of the door and in the main room, there are two doors directly opposite each other. Perhaps you can shine a light source through those doors.
You lost me!
Ugh... fine... I'll spoil it completely. Put the flame block on one side of the Dimansion, with the enlarged magnifying glass placed in the stand. Put the rotatable room on the other side, make sure that the hatch is open, the easel has been moved towards the center of the room and that the large mirror (from enlarging the speck of glitter twice) has been placed on it. Then, shine the flashlight into the block from the main room. The beam from the flashlight will be amplified, reflect off the mirror out the door, through the main room, then through the magnifying lens and start a fire.
That's not normal!
Neither is the Dimansion.
Okay, now that the fire is burning, what can I do with that?
You could heat something up. There is something in need of warming up, so you might want to try that.
I just throw it into the fire?
Sure, if you have something to take it out again. Or you could just use that item to hold it in the fire.

Chasm cave (chasm block)

What are those skulls?
Just a little gift from a deeper layer of hell. I'd stay away from them, if I were you.
How do I get across the chasm?
You don't.
But I want to get to that chest!
Maybe you can make it come to you instead?
That sounds interesting. Can I make it do that?
It is made of metal. There is a magnet in this game.
I already tried that. It's too weak.
Remember that you can manipulate rooms by manipulating the blocks that represent them. Perhaps use the magnet on that?
How do I unlock the chest?
It's not locked. You're just reading all the hints.

Cold room (cold block)

I know how this works! I can just pick up that big-ass block of ice, can't I?
You probably could, given the state of things in this world, pick it up and jam it into your pocket, but do you really want to carry a 30 tonne block of ice near your genitals?
But there's something inside it and I want it!
As well you should. You're going to have to find a way to melt the ice first, though.
So how do I melt it?
Heat usually does the trick. Wasn't there a fireplace in another room?

Vault (safe block)

How do I open the safe?
You're going to need the combination. Maybe you can find it somewhere.
I killed that pesky fly!
Aww... all he was doing was trying to give you a hint and you just went and killed the only other living being in this world. You're going to hell for that! Oh... wait... never mind.
I feel bad now. How was the fly giving me a hint?
By being stuck on the wall. Would you have noticed how sticky the wall is if it weren't for the fly?
And what do I do with that knowledge?
If the wall is sticky, maybe you can stick something to it. It might prove to be a revelation.
What do I use for that?
Try some ashes from the fireplace.
I entered the combination, but it doesn't work.
Maybe it's the wrong one. Have you noticed how the rooms get mirrored when they are placed on different sides of the Dimansion?
I entered the combination, and it worked, but the safe still doesn't open.
Well, you already figured out that you needed to enter the reverse combination. Try reversing the whole room now, then entering the other, non-reversed combination.
That worked, thanks!
You're welcome. You can repay my generosity by giving this game a good rating.


How do I get to the exit?
The block has been split into two halves. You'll need to find both halves and reunite them.
Is that the same buzz? Does my wife still love me?
I see things are becoming clearer to you and you have realised what is actually going on. And yes, your wife still loves you. Not that you deserve it. If there's anything you learned from this, it should be to be a better person.
How do I open this door?
It's locked, of course. One tends to unlock doors by using a key. You might find one frozen into a 30 tonne block of ice.