EA are even more humourless than I thought

Electronic Arts are one of the oldest companies in the games business. Over the years they've grown into a corporate behemoth that, as a publisher, eats smaller companies for breakfast. Unfortunately, this does not appear to do the companies acquired any good. Once they've fallen prey to the monster's appetite, all creativity appears to be stamped out and they are relegated to churning out sequels for EA sports franchises with slightly updated graphics and player names for each subsequent year. If you thought that was bad, get a load of this.

EA logo with lemons

Brian Biggs' geeky tech humour site, BBspot, posted a funny and obviously entirely fictional parody about EA supposedly acquiring Sierra assets and merging the Tiger Woods and Leisure Suit Larry franchises. Someone at Electronic Arts has read this and decided that the story must go as it is "completely false" (well, duh!) and they sent a takedown request. The only thing that's missing is the threat of legal action, but I'm reasonably certain the humourless morons at EA will do that soon. Their reputation has gone down yet another notch in my book. And I thought it wasn't possible to sink any lower than rock bottom...


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