The misadventures of Jeffrey Jetsam. Shouldn't that be flotsam? No, trust me on this one.

Now there's a mouthful. And because the full title of this new game is so long, I'll just shorten it to "Jeffrey Jetsam" for convenience. It is my entry to the 2021 Adventure Jam which ran from 7 to 21 May. At the time of writing, it's actually still ongoing and I've released the game with a little over 2 days left on the clock.

Title screen for Jeffrey Jetsam

About the game

Inspired by the Screen Antics: Johnny Castaway screen saver published by Sierra in 1992, Jeffrey Jetsam places the eponymous anti-hero on a small desert island that he has to find a way off of. Although I'd only ever seen screenshots of Johnny Castaway before, a fortuitously timed video by Nostalgia Nerd was the impetus to creating a small game based on the concept.

When making a game for Adventure Jam, I like to focus on one or two key concepts. For Spy Quest 1 and Spy Quest 2 that was recreating the AGI and SCI1 style respectively and for Escape from DIMANSION it was puzzles that required thinking out of the box. For Jeffrey Jetsam, the focus was squarely on humour and the accompanying cute animations.

Starting screen for Jeffrey Jetsam

To help the jokes land and make the game come to life, I was extremely lucky to be able to make use of the voice talents of veteran voice actor Paul Thomas Twitter IMDb as Jeffrey, and in his voice acting debut, Jon Paul Sapsford as the narrator. Jon has also graciously composed a wonderful Caribbean style theme tune for the game.

Want to play it?

Go ahead and check out Jeffrey Jetsam on this site, or the Game Jolt page for it. And if you're an adventure fan, be sure to try the other entries, too. When I have finished playing all the games in the jam, I'll definitely write another blog post with a list of the ones I enjoyed the most.


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