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openSUSE/Gnome on the desktop - not quite there yet

With some free time and a spare laptop on my hands, I figured I'd try out running a Linux desktop installation once more. Although I've used Linux on servers for more than a decade, all of my regular desktop machines have been Windows and Mac OS. Now, most people running Linux on the desktop seem to be using Ubuntu. I fully intend to give that a try later on, but for now I went with the distro I've been most familiar with for the past 12 years, which is openSUSE. Although I've been able to set things up to the point where it's viable as a proper workstation for me, I'm sorry to say the experience fluctuated between pleasant and dreadful. Here's some of the stuff I encountered and what I did to get things to a usable state.
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Preserving the MSN Protocol Wiki

The MSN Protocol Wiki (MSNPiki), initiated by Matthias Braekevelt was the most extensive source of information on the MSN Protocol found on the web. There had not been any recent updates and the domain was allowed to expire. I think the information in the Wiki, though of interest to only a limited number of people, is too valuable to just disappear. Therefore I am pleased to announce that, with Matthias' permission, I have assumed ownership of the domain and preserved the Wiki at its old URL so the resource remains available, intact.
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Stop Software Patents Petition

The EU currently does not recognise software patents. They are being granted, but (as of yet) not legally enforceable. There is really no need for them either, as software is already protected through copyright laws. There is a petition designed to let our European legislators know we do not want to make the mistakes the USA have made in adopting software patents. I have signed the petition and would encourage you to do the same. Here's why.
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