Preserving the MSN Protocol Wiki

The MSN Protocol Wiki (MSNPiki), initiated by Matthias Braekevelt was the most extensive source of information on the MSN Protocol found on the web. There had not been any recent updates and the domain was allowed to expire. I think the information in the Wiki, though of interest to only a limited number of people, is too valuable to just disappear. Therefore I am pleased to announce that, with Matthias' permission, I have assumed ownership of the domain and preserved the Wiki at its old URL so the resource remains available, intact.

MSN logo

My efforts are purely preservational, as I lack the expertise to update the information itself, but anybody who wishes to contribute to the Wiki is welcome to create an account and do so.

Regrettably, the other services provided (MSN Agent Detector and MSN Block Checker) are hereby retired. MSN Webcam Recorder is still available and also has an (inactive) project page on Google code.

See also: Fanatic Live.

About block checkers

MSN block checkers do not work. In the best case, they will show most people as offline, because the bug in the MSN protocol that allowed users' real status to become visible has long been fixed. Most people have the "Only people on my Allow List can see my status and send me messages" option enabled (which is the default), so the block check will not work. In the worst case, it is just a scam to collect e-mail addresses for spam purposes.

Update: as people can't seem to read and keep asking about the discontinued products, I have disabled commenting on this topic.