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I may have broken the law, but it broke my heart first

Enough time has now passed that I can write this without endangering somebody. A while ago, I met somebody who'd fled to the Netherlands. This man had to leave everything behind... his home, family and friends, everything that he ever knew. Why? Because he's not straight. And where he comes from that means not just being discriminated against, but experiencing physical violence, with police looking the other way. So, this person took what little he could fit in a small backpack, left everything else behind, and came to the Netherlands. That's how I met this young man: his few remaining worldly possessions in the tiny backpack and, heart-wrenchingly, the scars on his arms betraying he had tried to find "another way" out of his living nightmare... yet there was a sheepish grin on his face, hoping he'd finally be free here.
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Death stops everything in its tracks on the tracks. I would've been home at a comfortable 18:30 today, after a 7 minute train ride. Instead, about a minute before pulling into the train station (and coincidentally within a very short distance from my house), the train came to an emergency standstill. Not long after, the passengers were told that the train had hit "something or someone". This turned out to be a "someone"... a young woman.
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