The Telescopium Incident

Like last year, I participated in the $105 Adventure Game Challenge (well, last year, it was technically the $104 Adventure Game Challenge). This year's assignment was to create a graphical adventure game from scratch in 14 days with the theme of "An Escape".

Title screen for The Telescopium Incident

Despite already having made two jam games with that theme (Escape from DIMANSION and Jeffrey Jetsam), I obviously couldn't use those games and had to come up with something new. So, for The Telescopium Incident, I decided on doing a game with a sci-fi setting (my favourite ever since I got introduced to adventure games with Space Quest 1) where you play as a cute little droid who has to escape the gravitational pull of a black hole.

Droid CD-24 on the midship, the starting location of the game

Having the droid as a floating character without any limbs allowed me to cut down on character animations and also served the mechanic of having different attachments for the droid to carry out various actions. The reduction in character animation work left me much more time to work on nice background graphics and other animations.

In my personal opinion, it's one of my best looking games so far, partially because of the animations helping the backgrounds come alive, and because of investing in a graphics tablet so I don't have to draw with a mouse.

Want to play it?

Go ahead and check out The Telescopium Incident on this site, or the page for it.


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