Walkthrough for iD

This is a very minimalistic walkthrough of the game iD by Matt Frith, submitted to the 2017 Adventure Jam. I recommend using it only to get hints if you are stuck, as exploring the game's puzzles and story on your own is much more satisfying.

Objective 1 - Get arms

After the intro, you can't do much without your appendages. Click the arm assembly unit first to examine it, then to get an actual pair of arms.

Objective 2 - Start the generator

Pick up the empty fuel can and walk to the far right of the scene. There is a crashed vehicle here. Use the fuel can on the fuel cap to fill it with fuel. Use the filled fuel can on the backup generator to start it.

Objective 3 - Start the conveyor

Now that the generator is running, interacting with the conveyor module control console on the far left will start the conveyor belt above you.

Objective 4 - Get the authentication keys

At the crashed vehicle, click on the van door to make the remains of the occupant fall out and examine the corpse to get the first authentication key. Use the lower lift controls to make the elevator come down, then the lift control pad to go to the upper level. Enter the conveyor access door to reach the control room on the left. Open the left locker, then examine the inside to get the second activation key.

Objective 5 - Get the passcode

Click the right locker to open it, then click it again to get a calendar with some passcodes for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Make a note of these.

Objective 6 - Start the core assembly module

Interact with the core assembly module console. It says a data chip is required.

Objective 7 - Authenticate

Go back through the conveyor access door (when you appear on the conveyor belt, quickly click on the right of the screen to keep from being shoved back into the other room) and ride the elevator down to the ground level. Find the authentication console and use both keys in it. If you label the keys on the keypad from left to right as 1..6, and then convert the access codes from the calendar to numbers, you can easily determine the codes for Thursday and Friday. The requested code for Friday is 26552. Enter it, then click the lower right button to start the battery core assembly.

Objective 8 - Inspect the battery core assembly

Go to the upper level and click to look at the battery core assembly.

Objective 9 - Start the inspection line

In the battery core assembly room on the upper level, retrieve the manual control module from by the door. Return to the lower level and plug the manual control model into the override port next to the arm assembly unit. Then interact with it to move the grabber right until it is over the big coffin-shaped block by the hole in the wall, make it go down to grab the block, then up, then as far right as possible. That should clear the line. Click the inspection line control console to activate the inspection line.

Objective 10 - Carry out a visual inspection

Just click on the robot bodies that are rolling by. The rubble has been cleared further and you will take the memory core from the now exposed remains.

Objective 11 - Access the memory core

Go back to the room behind the conveyor on the upper level and insert the memory core into the core assembly module console. Explore all the options to learn the backstory of this facility and what the androids are being made for and to reach the end of the game.