Video editing

Being a bit of a movie and TV buff, as well as a computer enthusiast (which is my PC term for "geek"), I dabble a bit in video editing. If you like this kind of stuff, you have no doubt downloaded a copy of Avery Lee's excellent (and, astonishingly, !free!) video processing utility VirtualDub. If you haven't, go get it now!

VirtualDub allows for the use of plug-in filters. I've written a couple of them and I thought I'd share them with the world. Try filters from the menu on the left and download them if you're interested. The source code to most of the filters is included. They're a bit messy and not very well commented, so be warned! To recompile the sources, you'll need the VirtualDub filter SDK, which you can find in the same place as the main program.

And finally, you'll find links to other pages related to video editing at the bottom.