Webstatsdomain.com Sucks

There's a site called webstatsdomain that purports to be "a free online service that collects and analyzes any data about domains and keywords they are optimized for". Basically, it sucks, polluting the web with lots of broken links.

Webstatsdomain.com Sucks

The way you as a webmaster would notice this is that on Google Webmaster Tools, your list of "Crawl Errors" is going to grow huge, making it very difficult to find legitimate 404 errors on your website. In addition, the large number of bad links might actually have a negative effect on ranking in search engines. Also, the links tend to be entirely nonsensical.

Some of the list of crap Google has detected pointing to my site

The list that Google is showing me right now is only a subset of the completely fabricated list of links that Webstatsdomain attributes to my site. Take a look at the utter nonsense that is on there:

Some of the utter shite Webstatsdomain lists as being on my site

When trying to remove a site from this database of idiocy, the service just hung for several hours, not doing anything before I gave up:

Yeah, removing... don't bet on it.

Webstatsdomain.com are a bunch of idiots who should have their internet license revoked. Simply put, don't use their service or at the very least, put no faith in it.



webstatsdomain.com SUCKS!
I have a collection of travel related websites and it is a tremendous task to get rid of the broken links caused by this crappy site.
I add this line in my .htaccess file ..
# bloc access to webstatsdomain.com
deny from


I don't think it works:
deny from

I think they're using different ip addresses to scrape the web...

Steven Don

It would at least prevent that one server from scraping. Since the links they list are not even close to being realistic, I don't think blocking their access will prevent them from generating more nonsensical links. Ideally Google (and other search engines) would simply disregard or at the very least place very value on Webstatsdomain and its links.


We have actually fallen victim of this many a time over at http://statvoo.com.

Statvoo ranks for many different keywords so we tend to be a common victim of this type of attack. Quite annoying when it happens!

Glad to see we're not the only ones being affected by this at least :D


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