KOP Breda QR codes on the pavement

When walking through the city of Breda, where I work, I noticed a few stickers at various places on the pavement. They had QR codes printed on them. At first I thought these were just litter, but eventually checked them with the QR code reader in my phone. It turns out they are part of an art project.

Picture of a QR code sticker near Breda Central Station

Picture of a QR code sticker by a shop window in Breda

Each of these QR codes, placed by artists from KOP, contains a link to a simple mobile website that has a photograph on it and an info page about the photographer. A very novel form of exposition, albeit one that many people will simply overlook!

It's cool to find this kind of thing. I've only found 6 so far, one of which was unreadable due to some wads of (yuck!) chewing gum on it, but I assume they're scattered throughout the centre of Breda.



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