2009-06-27: DOSBox GUI update

Posted at 2009-06-27 05:11:06 by SHD

An update for the DOSBox configuration GUI. This time, it's starting to look a little more like the Windows 95 interface rather than Windows 3.1. This looks a little less retro, but leaves more space for the window contents. Check out the screenshot below.


  • Added X close button
  • Autoexec editor now has scrollbars
  • Cosmetic changes resulting in smaller dialogs (or the same size with extra space)
  • Dropdown for full-screen resolution setting
  • Fixed combobox and system menu not being closed when clicking the activating control again
  • Fixed help text for "speed"
  • Fixed memory leak (actually, 2 of em: also check this post)
  • Fixed text wrapping when moving window off the right of the screen

Remaining known issues:

  • Issues with OpenGL as mentioned before, especially with full-screen mode — the issues themselves aren't unique to the GUI, but also exist in the keymapper
  • The "execute now" button in the autoexec editor leaves a spurious prompt/li>

Here's a new screenshot so you can see what it looks like in the new Windows 95 look:

Screenshot of DOSBox GUI


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