2009-06-16: DOSBox GUI update

Posted at 2009-06-16 04:49:46 by SHD

Yet another update for the DOSBox GUI. Lots of small changes, no real biggies.


  • Activation of the keymapper is now deferred when in -startui mode
  • Active page settings are properly stored when saving config file
  • Added a mention of loadfix
  • Changed the colours in the messageboxes to be hopefully a bit easier on the eyes
  • Checkboxes now have focus rectangles
  • Configuration save dialog box is now populated with default config file location
  • Fixed some focus issues
  • Properly synchronisation when using the advanced editors
  • Removed the help buttons on the advanced editors, as there was no text for them anyway
  • Restored the "Append History" button functionality in the autoexec editor
  • Switched OK and Cancel buttons so OK is on the left, as is the norm for Windows dialog boxes
  • Welcome message when opening the GUI, along with override checkbox

Remaining known issues:

  • Crash when activating menu in full-screen mode when using OpenGL on nvidia graphics cards (exclusive mode cannot be set) -- this appears to be an Nvidia+SDL+OpenGL issue
  • Help windows may be too large for the screen or even if they fit, placed too low
  • The "execute now" button in the autoexec editor leaves a spurious prompt
  • The help text for "speed" is overlong and runs off the bottom of the window.

Other things I intend to do:

  • Add a GUI for mountings
  • Bring the keymapper into this GUI format
  • Remove the help messages or at least replace them with separate ones that are more appropriate for use inside the GUI
  • Limit the input for edit controls to numbers where appropriate


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