New tool: DOS file substitution

Being a bit obsessed about the perfect retro game experience, I like to run my old games through DOSBox with various different configurations. What can I say? Sometimes I like to hear Space Quest 3 with AdLib sound, sometimes in glorious MT-32 and occasionally, I like to giggle at the PC speaker bleeps.

To prevent having to run the configuration program each time and to be able to use this on a read-only medium, such as CD or DVD, I created a small TSR that intercepts file open requests and, if it detects one specific filename, redirects it to another file. Stick it in a batch file and substitute your custom config file for the one the game requests without having to change or edit the files on disk.

I wrote this little utility for my own use ages ago and figured others might just find it useful, so I cleaned it up and put it up for download. If even one other person has some use for it, I think that was worth it. You can find it on the tools page.


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