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2011-07-07: Enabling IPv6

Posted at 2011-07-07 23:33:21 by SHD

It's not something many people will notice, as most of the difficult bits will have to be handled by the ISPs, but it's going to get more and more important for web developers and hosting providers to allow IPv6 access to their services. We've effectively run out of IPv4 addresses. As more and more people bring more and more devices online every day the common technique to share IPv4 addresses, NAT, even carrier-grade NAT which share a single IPv4 address among a large part of a provider's customer base, is not a sustainable solution. In the future, there will be people who can access the internet solely through IPv6. At first, it will be in the areas with the fastest-growing number of people online, particularly Asia. If you want those people to be able to access your website and services, make sure your servers respond to IPv6 traffic.

2011-07-06: Magento: Blank page in Connect downloader

Posted at 2011-07-06 18:03:14 by SHD

Magento is extensible with plugin modules. Many free as well as commercial modules are available through the Magento Connect marketplace. Extension packages bought from the marketplace are installed through the Connect Manager. Unfortunately, having Magento working properly doesn't automatically mean the Connect Manager also works. It may complain about not having sufficient write permissions on the Magento folder or even worse, simply displays a blank page.